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Craft beer & Wagyu burgers, lunch at Society Eatery

First, a little bit about beef. I first came across Wagyu beef at one of the Taste of Jo’burg events. This was quite a foodie moment for me. The queue was massive, it was hot, I was hungry but it was all so very very worthwhile.


As I stood randomly by myself (my Plus had gone to look for other dining options) munching on this burger, I was astounded by how rich and tasty it was, despite its lack of toppings and extras. So much so that I asked a random person standing next to me, who also happened to have the same burger in his hand, if it was actually possible that his was as good as it was tasting. After looking at me oddly for a moment, he confirmed that it was.


Since then, I’ve been hooked on the Wagyu. HOOKED! And it is as a direct result of this foodie obsession that I came across Society Eatery.


The thing I most enjoy about this foodie side-gig (read ‘passion’) of mine (other than eating, obviously!) is that I keep making all these wonderful discoveries. Hardly ever by chance but almost always very fortunate. One such discovery was Society Eatery in Fourways. And what a great discovery it was.




Unless you know where you’re going (or live in the area), you’re not likely to stumble upon the Mearowdown Plaza centre. Which is a pity, because Society is the kind of place that deserves some stumbling upon. However, once we found out that we could get Wagyu beef there, we started investigating further. Not long after that, with the promise of a taste of just such a burger in-hand, we made our way through one Sunday afternoon, and grabbed a seat in the sunny outside area.




They have a great selection of craft beers on tap. For the life of me, I’ll never know why I ordered a ginger beer instead of a proper beer but it was actually perfect for the hot summer’s day. I got to taste some of my Plus One’s Society Light Lager and did struggle with a little bit of beer envy despite how much I was enjoying my own.




We perused the menu for some time. Though there’s not a lot going on there for vegetarians, it sure is a delight for meat lovers. We opted to share a Fillet Suzette starter. The menu stated it would be served medium and that suited us perfectly.




This dish alone hit all the right notes. Flawlessly cooked and presented, with a zesty sauce and perfectly crisped potato halves. We started eyeing each other about who would get the last bite, and I for one, was secretly wishing we had each gotten our own portion.




But there was no need to be greedy because the Wagyu beef burgers were still on the way and we had some cold, tasty beer to fill the gaps.




Finally the main event, and the reason we were there, arrived. We had asked for our burgers medium rare and were not disappointed. I’m already a huge fan of Wagyu beef so I knew what to expect. What did surprise me was the really delicious garlic aioli. Perfection. Somewhere, someone was probably watching us pausing over our meals first, and taking endless photos and then abruptly falling upon our burgers and making them disappear. I recall hearing “mmmmms” and “aaahhhhhs”. My Plus One insists they came from me. I scoff in his general direction. Obviously, he must be mistaken.




Society really impressed me on many levels: service, craft beer on tap, the menu and most importantly, the food. We went back with friends the very next week and will keep going.





Where to find Society Eatery: Mearowdown Plaza, 71 Troupant Avenue, Magaliesig.

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