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Acting like a kid again, a night with Bakers Biscuits


If you’re too young to remember the Bakers Man song, you’ve been robbed of some vital childhood magic. Seriously. It may have been just an ad campaign but for so many 80s kids out there, it was a tune we held dear to our hearts. Somehow, they created this magic around their biscuits, and if you were anything like me, you believed it wholeheartedly. And of course, the biscuits were yummy! Right! Everyone has a favourite Bakers biscuit. What’s yours? Some of us have a few. I’d be hard-pressed to choose between Romany Creams, Nuttikrusts or Tennis Biscuits but those three rank pretty high for me. Tennis Biscuits, mostly because I always always used them in baking, and when I was little, I baked every week. Adulting sucks! I hardly get to bake anymore, for one thing.




So when I received an invitation to attend a Bakers Biscuits event, it created this amazing wave of nostalgia. I had no idea what to expect but knew it was going to be a classy affair when I found out it was taking place at Protea Fire & Ice Melrose Arch. The event was soon revealed to be a launch for the new, revamped Bakers Biscuits website. Go check it out now at It is a great hub for some amazing recipes, which of course include your favourite Bakers Biscuits. Much to my personal delight, there is even a savoury recipe section! I’ve already downloaded the recipes I want to try.




Back to the evening of the launch. When we arrived, we were warmly welcomed and given our very own Bakers aprons, which we were asked to don there and then. That raised some questions and everyone was wondering what we’d be getting up to that required aprons! But the organisers were keeping mum and told us only that we’d need to bring our playful spirits. That seemed easy enough! All the while, Fire & Ice waiters were bringing out amazing canapé platters and keeping us all warm and happy, and most importantly with a roomful of foodies, well-fed.




Finally, the conference room doors were opened and everyone was seated. We were warmly greeted and were told why we had aprons and what we’d be getting up to that night. All of us would be delving into childhood memories and recreating it in Bakers Biscuits. How awesome! We may all be hard at work adulting but what better excuse than the promise of Bakers Biscuits to get us acting like kids again in no time.




So, once we’d had a bit of a recap on the Bakers brand and got to see all those amazing ads we all remember so fondly, we were told to dash to the back of the venue to grab as many biscuits and decorating supplies as we could get our hands on. All bets were off as foodies suddenly squared off in a race to the sugar-laden tables. I won’t name names but there were no punches being pulled. I can’t claim innocence, though. Where some people were gingerly spooning respectable portions of decorative sweets out of bowls, I grabbed entire bowls and dashed back to our table.




I had a plan in mind. We were told to recreate one of our happiest childhood memories. My idea was to recreate our “tree house”, which was neither in a tree, nor much of a house shape. In fact, we had a water tank and underneath that, we used to create a little house made with blankets and pins. It was great and we spent many many days there, especially during school holidays. But it soon became clear to me, as I started creating this “tank” house, that I was never going to get there in the allotted time.




Soon, my “tank” house turned into an actual tank, much to the confusion of all the other foodies at my table, as well as myself, if I’m honest. “Why a tank??”. “How is a tank a fond childhood memory??”. Nope, it isn’t. Haha. But all was lost already for me so I forged ahead with my tank. Let’s just say I didn’t win the competition that night. The top five for the evening were far more creative and on point, having created houses, picnic baskets, and a bicycle. The winner, Mike from the blog Mike Said What, had built a beautiful and elaborate house and his win was well deserved. Nobody else came close. It even had a chimney and a man outside (made from mini marshmallows) and jelly bean roof tiles. Suffice it to say, we were all damned impressed.




And then quite happy to scarf all the biscuits everywhere around us like there was no tomorrow. I’m very happy the press photos don’t show any of the mad scarfing! What a fantastic way to spend an evening.




A big, heartfelt shout-out to Bakers Biscuits for an amazing night, full of nostalgia and lovely biscuits, and warm fuzzy feelings. Acting like a kid again has never been so much fun. My thanks to Fire & Ice for hosting us in true style, and for Danielle Franco from Bush Telegraph Publicity for pulling off a killer event.




Many thanks to Mariska van den Brink for the great photos!



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