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A city break with Capital on Bath

Funny story. I recently moved to Melville and I’m kinda not a big fan. But I’m working on that and I am slowly warming to the place. Slowly. So when my Partner in Wine (#PiW), Heather Hook, asked me if I’d like to join her for a city break, my response was simply: “Tell me where, when … there!”. It would be nice to have a girls’ weekend and a sleep-out and experience something new. I was definitely going to miss Tall, Dark & Handsome but absence makes the heart grow fonder, isn’t that so?



Also, to be honest, I was won over by the fact that this spot had a self catering option and I was keen to cook in a good kitchen again. Our kitchen at home feels a little sparse.



So off we went to check into The Capital on Bath. I’d never heard of it before but was impressed from the moment I arrived.



Before I proceed, a little information about The Capital Group. They offer standard hotel rooms, luxury executive suites as well as 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and penthouses. They’re currently situated in Rosebank, Sandton, Cape Town, and a new branch is opening in Menlyn, Pretoria soon.



The service at reception was professional and efficient. I had my key card in hand before I had even been at the Capital on Bath reception desk for 5 minutes. The hotel features clean, ascetic lines and tones, from the façade all the way to the suites. I quite liked this as it felt pristine and imparted an impression of timelessness.



Upon entering the room, I immediately felt at home. Though the appearance was professional and business-like, it still managed to create a sense of warmth and comfort. The kitchen was my favourite element and the bedroom came a close second. The kitchen boasts all the important necessities as well as some unexpected luxuries such as a washing machine and dryer. My guess is that this is applicable only to the suites and self-catering rooms. The one thing we didn’t have, which I found odd, was a can opener! However, the hotel staff managed to organise one for us is no time at all.



I’d been there only a short time before Heather arrived. We were both very pleasantly surprised by the lovely tray of fun goodies and wine that had been left for us as a welcoming gift. As the gift of wine was already chilled, we popped our Graham Beck into the ice bucket and decided to scout around the place and familiarise ourselves with the hotel.




We discovered the pool and the gym and decided to come back to the pool (no time for gym!) with our Old El Paso nachos and some drinks. This was where we spent the remainder of the daylight hours. It was a lovely not-too-cold early spring day and we lounged by the pool, happily eating our nachos and having some bubbly.




We had some hiccups with our room card, as it kept getting wiped by the proximity of our smart phones. Apparently this is quite normal, though not knowing better, I kept placing the two items together, and then kept forgetting this new found wisdom each time. I headed to the reception desk a few times to get the card reprogrammed, though they remained infinitely patient and helpful at all times.





Dinner time arrived, and I was happy to cook. Of course, the hotel is located within walking distance of Rosebank Mall and The Zone so if cooking is not for you, or your business trips are proving too hectic, there are a wide selection of restaurants to choose from in the area. The hotel also offers transfers to and from the mall, if you’re not so keen on walking the streets of Jo’burg at night.



We had decided that our day would be filled with bubbly and Old El Paso food, as I’m basically obsessed with cheese and I love Mexican food. Before checking in, I had popped into the Rosebank Pick ‘n Pay to stock up on the relevant supplies.



So I proceeded to throw together some things for burritos, while Heather and another friend of ours who was visiting, enjoyed the comforts of the lounge. There is a TV in both the lounge and the bedroom, and a sliding door which exits the back to a fairly small patio and garden and some fresh air. I assume the upper floors offer a balcony in this way.




Before they could even get comfortable with the TV, I already had dinner ready and we sat to eat, drink and chat the night away. Except for the can opener, I found nothing lacking in our evening and the dinner or preparation thereof. We were comfortable and quite happy. Only when our visiting friend left, and Heather headed to bed, and I sat alone in the living room, did I find myself without anything to do.



Eventually, I decided it was time to take the bathroom for a test run and have a much-missed bath. I’m usually all about the shower but I hadn’t had a bath in ages and this was the perfect opportunity. I enjoyed the bath though it was nothing grand or special. My only feeling of some discontent was the narrow window just above the bath which opened to the hotel hallway. We had some party-goers enter at some stage and make some raucous noise down the halls, which made the bath just a little less relaxing. I suppose it is still a notch above most hotels, which often have an extractor fan in the bathroom. I never did get to test the shower, though I was adamant I would.



Once I finally settled down and decided to call it a night, the massive king size bed had me practically swimming in it. What a giant bed! But I couldn’t fall asleep for the longest time and this was probably more to do with missing my Tall, Dark & Handsome rather than anything else. The bed and the duvet were extremely comfortable but it took ages for me to finally drift off.




When I woke up the next morning, though I was ready to head home and back to my own space, I lingered for a while still, enjoying the peace and quiet the suite afforded. We finally headed to breakfast, which offered good coffee and crispy bacon, as well as a selection of cold meats, fruit and pastries. A continental buffet breakfast, it had all that would be expected. But when you have bacon and coffee, what more do you need?




On our way out, we had a few more friendly encounters with the reception desk staff and the security staff at the gate. The personnel are very professional and courteous. But I was off, heading back to Melville with a new appreciation for home and a longing to see my pooches’ friendly faces, and spend the night back in my Tall, Dark & Handsome’s warm embrace.



Thank you to The Capital Group for the warm welcome and lovely stay. I will certainly recommend it.


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