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The New Jackson’s Real Food Market

You guessed it. The New Jackson’s Real Food Market is opening its brand new doors to the public on Friday 23 September at its new location in Bryanston, Johannesburg.


Over the course of that weekend, the public can expect a wholesome, foodie inspired occasion filled to the brim with activities, talks, demos and delicious food the whole family can enjoy, all weekend long.






Not your ordinary grocery store


“We only support passionate small farmers who practice old-fashioned, organically grown or reared methods. We believe in food in its purest state. Educating the consumer and quality go hand in hand. We want you to know how it was grown or raised, how it was treated or farmed and where it’s from. The more the customer knows about the product, the better. We want to bring back traditional cooking methods and help moms, dads and kids be better cooks.” – Gary Jackson


The new impressive Jackson’s Real Food Market has it all.


Fresh Food Market, inspired by Afro European Outdoor Markets (and bringing it indoors):
● Full #organic produce section
● Pasture reared, grass fed beef
● Free range, pasture reared lamb products
● Free range chicken products
● Eggs and dairy
● A range of #sustainable seafood in support of SASSI & MSC
● Smoked bacon and cured meat selection
● Top local cheeses
● Wood fired, freshly baked bread (dietary specific)
● Organic fruits and vegetables from local farmers
● Low GI, Carb Conscious, Paleo and Low sugar section
● Ready made, convenient and dietary specific meals


Jackson’s Eatery with stunning views over neighbourhood, with more seating and a range of wholesome food:
● Breakfast, lunch and tasting plates menus
● ‘The Farmer’s Plate’ – a series of meals with set prices featuring farmers fresh produce created by Jackson’s’ in house chef
● Grass fed beef burgers as a highlight on the menu
● Craft beer + Bio Dynamic Wine List
● Low Carb cakes and French pastry offerings
● Real Food Hatch – Drive through with barista coffees, fresh orange juice and chalk board menu options
● Origin Coffee Bar, showcasing this amazing local brew with tasting options.
● Roman Gelato Bar, offering a range of preservative and filler free gelato, in an array of flavours, diet specific
● New pizza oven, offering new low carb pizza tasting plates


Jackson’s Kids has its own Pirate ship called Captain Jack’s where kids can roam free and learn about healthy snacks and good food in a super fun way.


Why Jackson’s #RealHonestFood is making waves




“Jackson’s Real Food Market is a haven for foodies who want to learn, taste, sample and relax while shopping. It’s about getting the best that SA has to offer, the cleanest and most natural food into our tummies, which will in turn keep us happy and healthy.”


With the highlight on price value and nutritional produce, Jackson’s are setting the bar to making good food a right for each customer, rather than a privilege.


The new store design & produce sourcing took 10 years of planning.


With the focus on non-factory and non-mass production of produce, Jackson’s avoid supporting feedlot- or pesticide-using farmers and are showcasing dedicated small farmers and producers, who use ethical and sustainable farming practices that is opening a gateway of quality to the public, like no other.


They create fair and transparent sharing agreements by doing ongoing win win partnerships with suppliers.


Jackson’s’ mission to aid local, sustainable small businesses is key to improve and support employment, encourage entrepreneurship and help build an economic hub within the community.


Earth matters:
● Jacksons uses a CO 2 refrigeration system which is environmentally friendly and very efficient on electricity.
● A solar system on the roof to save burning coal for electricity.
● The water used for cleaning purposes comes from a spring below the building.
● LED lighting is used throughout the store.
● The chemical and cleaning range used for sanitizing are Blue Ocean rated, making them 100% environmentally friendly.
● Indigenous trees and plants were planted on the circle and berms around the store.
● The outdoor patio has a transparent covering which reduces the UV rays – your safe Vitamin D fix.
● They focus on their farmers’ soil quality before they even try the products.








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