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Transported to Turkey at 47 On Grant

Where do you find a taste of Turkey in Jozi? The answer might surprise you. As you wander through the traditionally Jewish and Italian suburb of Norwood, you’ll come across an almost hidden doorway, with an easy-to-miss sign. This is where you’ll find your prize. A taste of Turkey in Jozi … with a twist.





We’d been hearing about 47 on Grant for a while from a variety of friends, all telling us how great it was. So, we kept planning on going but life is hectic. As luck would have it, we experienced a lull in our crazy calendars just as Nadia, the owner, contacted us to come through and try some of what they have on offer. So with that serendipitous turn of events, we finally made it there.


After some searching … because despite the name being the address, we missed it!






Turkish Fusion is what Nadia likes to call it. Great traditional Turkish dishes with her own personal flair for new tastes and flavours. It does not disappoint on any level.






Start your lunch or dinner with a relaxing tea, and if you’re an adventurous diner, ask Nadia to bring you what she’d recommend. This is how we often dine, Tall Dark & Handsome and I. So with the word that we would eat anything, we left it in her extremely capable hands.




Corba Soup


We started with corba soup, made with lentil and lamb, with some signature spicy and herby twists. It really was tough to choose a favourite of the dishes we had but this one is really high on the list for me. The soup is flavourful and rich, and I could have this as a main very easily, as it’s extremely filling. The soup alone will have me coming back again and again.




Meat Platter for Two


We then shared a meat platter, which is actually a huge amount of food. It comes with kebab, kofta, chicken sheesh, lamb and chicken pirzola, and is served with flat bread and a selection of side salads. The meat platter to share can easily fill any hungry couple’s bellies. The salads are fresh and the bowls are bursting with colours and interesting flavour combinations, which really complement the meat. Let Nadia tell you which salads and sauces go best with which meat dish for the fullest enjoyment! The fresh sides are seasonal so remember that the salad you love the most may not be there next time. Always a great opportunity to try something new!




Cağ Kebab roasting on the fire


Last but not at all least was the Cag Kebab. This is the only place you can find kebab cooked and served in this fashion, on the coals, cut to plate directly from the fire. The lamb is beyond exquisite, delicious and soft, tasty and fatty, gorgeously smoky and full of flavour. And only available on weekends, take note! If you’re lucky, Nadia might tell you her secret ingredient that ensures that tasty fatty lamb flavour.




Cağ Kebab cut and served directly from the coals


47 on Grant is Halaal so no alcohol is served on the premises, and you cannot take any booze either. They serve refreshing mocktails, and of course, lovely spiced teas and Turkish coffee.






As I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, and we were pretty stuffed by this stage, we didn’t have dessert but opted for tea and coffee instead.






If you don’t go anywhere else at all, based on my recommendations, you absolutely must go to 47 on Grant. A definite winner when it comes to flavourful, fresh, tasty and generously portioned food.

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