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Living My Best Life in Wellness

It’s an old story. You start getting old and you start feeling it. And you decide: “I’m going to change my ways! Live healthier, take care of myself …” and all that jazz.


Yep, it’s easy to say but not nearly easy enough to put into action. What’s that old joke? “If only losing weight was as easy as losing my keys”. But it’s not just about maintaining a healthy weight. It’s about putting things into my body that makes me happy and chilled. Because let me tell you…this person has had many a scary meltdown just because sugar was floating around in my system. It’s not fun for myself or for my loved ones.




The great ladies from Wellness Warehouse Menlyn Maine



So it was with renewed vigour that I entered 2017 with more solid plans in place to “live life well”. But without the guilt and self-admonishment that went along with previous attempts. None of that. Allowances should be made for being human and for not being a gymming lettuce-eating machine.






I’ve found that the universe is often in my favour. When I commit in realistic ways to goals, I find support coming suddenly from unexpected places. The kind of push in the right direction that nudges you away from the path of least resistance (to cake, for example). And so it was late last year that I found out about Wellness Warehouse. Wellness. I love that word. It immediately spoke to me. “Yes!”, I thought, “Wellness. I don’t want to be perfect. I don’t want to be the healthiest, the fittest. I just want to be well. And happy. And stable.”






Wellness. I think on this word a lot throughout the week. I do things and say things and think things and eat things that fit the bill of Wellness. The universe also saw fit to send me Jamie Oliver. But read more about that discovery a little later. You might be surprised to find that Jamie Oliver has your wellness in mind as well!


But back to Wellness Warehouse. It was with great joy that I discovered them and that I kept finding out even better, bigger things about them. Originally only in Cape Town, they’re now in five locations in Pretoria, as well as two in Johannesburg. Best of all, some of the Pretoria branches have these amazing cafés. Cafés fuelled by Leafy Greens, a vegan restaurant in Muldersdrift that everyone should eat at, even if you usually go off-colour at the mere thought of vegan food, because it will amaze and delight you (believe me!).




Wellness Café, fueled by Leafy Greens, is currently only at some Pretoria branches



Wellness Warehouse basically brings together everything you can think of that you would need to live your best life. So, whether you’re vegetarian or vegan, whether you’re struggling with allergies, whether you just want to put good stuff in your body, or you’re looking to supplement your lifestyle with better options, they’ve got you covered.






“You’ll find everything you need for diabetic and other special diets, supplements and natural remedies, organic baby and family care, sports nutrition, natural beauty products, books, exercise gear, and more.”




They even stock Caralishous‘ Vegan Ice Creams & Frozen Desserts



So, in Jo’burg, there are two Wellness Warehouse stores but no cafés yet. I have hope that we’ll soon get our own version of the Wellness Leafy-Greens-fuelled Café. Until that time, I’m happy to head to the Morningside branch to get my supplies, or on the odd occasion, make my way to Pretoria for not just shopping but also healthy and happy eating. Luckily for me, I have friends in Pretoria which gives me all the excuse I need to make my way there.






If you’ve been thinking about what goes into your body, and you’re looking for a change, or you just want to start small, definitely consider finding out more about Wellness Warehouse. You may discover that wellness is not that hard to achieve! No excessive lettuce munching required.










My heart-felt thanks to Wellness Warehouse for creating an opportunity for me to live a healthier lifestyle. It came at exactly the right time.
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