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Fabb Gelato, now in Parkhurst

There’s a new kid in town on the Parkhurst strip. And trust me, it’ll catch your eye and swiftly thereafter, your heart. Gelato, baby! “Fabb” gelato. Look out for a gorgeous blue awning creating a lovely splash of colour on 4th Ave.






And I say kid but the origin story of this gelato actually goes back all the way to 1905! That’s right. Though ice cream, or in this case, proper Italian gelato, brings out the kid in all of us, this gelato has been the thing of dreams for more than 100 years. So you know you’re getting an old-school and perfected Italian recipe.




My favourite: Ferrero Rocher gelato. Crunchie and rich and creamy, pure decadence.



You may already know the owners of the new Fabb Cafe & Gelato on 4th. If you don’t know them personally, you may have heard of their other successful ventures in the culinary arts. 4th Avenue Coffee Roasters? Yes, they’ve been doing that for more than 8 years. Ferguson’s 5th Floor? Also them. The Fat Zebra. Correct. But get this, that’s not even their main business. All their foodie ventures are passion projects!!




The vegan dark chocolate gelato is delicious! Rich and healthy.



So when I got to meet owners Ian and Ro Ziervogel, I was transported by their romantic stories of getting engaged in Bologna, and years later, during a return trip to Bologna, meeting Nicola Fabbri and learning all about the Fabbri brand and how Nicola’s family started the company more than a century ago. And how fortunate for us, this chance meeting, as we now get to enjoy that delicious gelato.




You can’t go wrong with classic Vanilla.



Though there are 116 flavours to choose from, Fabb has 16 of the best on offer at any given time, a selection they occasionally alternate. I found out a few days after I’d been there that there was a coffee flavour so I *have* to go back. I tried almost every flavour that day. It was very hard to settle on a favourite.




Passion Fruit sorbet is light and refreshing.



All their gelato and sorbet is produced on-site and prepared freshly. You can choose from a wonderful selection. For those who are vegan or have a dairy intolerance, they have a vegan dark chocolate, which I highly recommend. Surprisingly rich in flavour and creamy in appearance.



“Just a passion for good food, delicious gelato and fresh coffee”, Ro Ziervogel




Fantastic, strong mint flavours play on the tongue.



The Fabbri representative who was quality checking and assisting with the setup of the operation, all the way from Italy, had this to say about the iconic gelato brand: “Fabbri is a [luxury] brand in Italy, not just a company. Every Italian knows Fabbri … like Maserati.”




The Strawberry sorbet is creamier than most sorbets, with real fruit flavour.



So, I recommend you do yourself a favour and slip into the luxury sports car version of gelato, and try something Fabb!





No doubt a big hit with the kids: Cotton Candy.






Rich dark chocolate flavours come through in this Oreo-themed gelato.






Fabb Cafe & Gelato Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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