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How Zomato transformed me into an Urban Angel


People often ask me “Why Food Whore though?” and it’s funny. It’s not a nickname anyone would give themselves, you would think. You’d not be 100% correct. Partly, it’s pretty much what my friends would call me when I took all their leftover food or when they wouldn’t eat something and I’d immediately say “I’ll eat it!”. But before the official Jozi Food Whore profile, I was just eating and loving food. Then Zomato came along. And here we (all foodies) suddenly had a platform to talk about all the food we’ve been eating, and where. And did we jump at it. I loved Zomato from the moment it was introduced to me by a great friend of mine. And that’s when my foodie journey officially began. With my first review on 11 June, 2013.



Since then, it’s been one amazing moment after another. And the start of Jozi Food Whore. And blessings of all kinds. So when Zomato told me they’d like me to host my own Zomato event, I was giddy and blubbery! Yasssss. All over it, like a foodie at a buffet (but a good one, classy-like). And this is when I discovered Urban Angel Cafe. How this is possible, I don’t even know, but I’d never even heard of them. And this was where my breakfast event would be held.







Urban Angel Cafe is located in Boskruin, unexpectedly in an office park, but right behind the Boskruin Shopping Village. Easier to find than you might think. Head into the Boskruin Village parking and then left and up. This is where you want to go. This is a proper hidden away gem and well worth a visit. Amazing baked goods are everywhere, and the smell of baking permeates the cafe. The staff are friendly and attentive, and even though we were at a relatively big table, our food came quite quickly.






I can’t wait to go back for more brekkie. I want to take Tall, Dark & Handsome for some delicious baked goods, as he has a major sweet tooth. But I’ll let the goodies speak for themselves! Hope to see you there.




My very own JFW Zomato breakfast menu







Gluten and Sugar Free “oreos”






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