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There was *a lot* to see and discover at Decorex this year. A lot! My main focus was kitchens (of course) and gardens. I am in process of doing a whole new batch of veggie and herb gardening now that warmer weather has arrived, so I was keen to see what would be on offer for gardening enthusiasts. That’s when I discovered Greenhive Vertical Gardens. This was one of my best discoveries at Decorex.




GreenHive Vertical Gardens



They create harvestable walls and vertical gardens. It’s actually incredible how much can be done, and all that using a relatively small space. Not only that, but water use is minimal. In other words, a great sustainable, eco-friendly way to garden.


I chatted to the Ricardo, the man behind the operation, who gave me a quick breakdown of how these vertical gardens work, with the example they had up at Decorex.


We are farming 40 plants in half a square metre on a free-standing frame with 5% water usage. It has a close loop irrigation system that you can either connect your main water supply into or just fill the main tank with a jug of water, turn the pump on and it cycles it all the way to the top where our drip irrigation system drips into the geo-textile bags. The geo-textile bags fill with water and out the front drip into the very next bag. That feeds the whole system.






One of the Vertical Garden displays at Decorex


More from the horse’s mouth:

“At GreenHive we supply the most quality and technologically advanced Vertical Gardening system for a range of different industries such as Sustainable Building Development, Architects, Interior Designers, Water Sensitive Agriculture, and the Culinary world. We not only provide a sustainable, drought tolerant rural and urban farming solution but aim to improve the lifestyle of the ever-growing urban society through the re-connection to nature in your home and office space. The use of recycled plastic, and locally produced revolutionary design, results in a revolution in the Vertical Gardening Industry.

Our Harvestable Walls are living, delicious pieces of art. Perfect for anyone looking to harvest consistently fresh produce at home.



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