Anyone who loves food and the enjoyment of food will tell you that there’s nothing quite as nice as discovering a new awesome foodie spot. And to think, it all started with Twitter and lamb bacon.




The Hot Beef on Rye is everything!



I was casually following this thread on twitter about kosher food and suddenly saw the word bacon pop up. And that’s where I had to pipe in. Bacon, though? So, it turns out that the “bacon” you get at Nussbaum’s, a proper kosher venue, is made from lamb. I had to experience lamb bacon! And as luck would have it, they wanted me to try it too. So, Tall Dark & Handsome and I set aside one Sunday arvie to head to Glenhazel for lunch.




Lamb bacon burger!



It was all new to me. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten in Glenhazel but we quickly found Nussbaum’s and were warmly greeted by Dale, he of the Lamb Bacon tweets. I was so excited, guys! And as Baruch Lurie, one of the owners, would soon tell us: “Kosher food is not just for Jewish people”. We firmly agree!




The butcher shop has a great, modern look and feel.



But it wasn’t the lamb bacon, though seriously delicious, that truly turned our heads. It was the Hot Beef on Rye, New York-style! Oh my word, we’re both in love with this sandwich. TDH works in the Norwood area so I might have to send him for takeaways on a regular basis! And the rye bread was fantastic. But Baruch would not let the secret out on that one, saying only (of the bread), “We have a bakery that does it but it’s based on our specs”.




Smash Burger



But I’m getting ahead of myself. Nussbaum’s is a well-renowned kosher butchery, that’s actually been around since 1936, when it was started by the Nussbaum brothers. Baruch’s grandfather, who had been working in butcher shops most of his life, saw a great opportunity and in 1973, he bought the butchery from the Nussbaums. Baruch joined the (now) Lurie family business in 2006 and has been part of the new generation of Nussbaum’s ever since. They kept the brand and name, as it was already iconic in the community it served.








Today, Nussbaum’s has a more retail-oriented space in Glenhazel, over and above their factory store in its original location. When they opened this retail space in June 2016, they also decided to create a little eatery, almost a takeaway spot; a shop within a shop. Baruch’s grandfather, who brought Nussbaum’s into the Lurie family, can be spotted on a great old photo on one wall, in his element in the butchery.





Grandpa Lurie in his element.



Nussbaum’s hashtag is #WeKnowMeat and it’s evident. We’re already planning some purchases of the great range of meat, especially the lamb sausage, on offer. The fridges held our attention for a long time!




The butchery is well-stocked with amazing meat.



But the takeaway (or dine-in) option from their recently added Burger Bar is still our favourite discovery of the outing. We got to try the Lamb Bacon Burger, a beef Smash Burger, and our favourite, the Hot Beef on Rye. Though nothing came close to that amazing rye sandwich, I still loved the lamb bacon burger and TDH scarfed the smash burger, just as the name suggests! Everything, even the sauces (oh my gosh, garlic sauce FTW!), was delicious and tasty. Service was fast, efficient and friendly. No wasting time when you’re as busy as they were on this particular Sunday! While we dined outside, the butchery itself was absolutely jam-packed with people.





Paul’s Ice Cream is also available at Nussbaum’s!



So what have we learned? We found a great new lunch (or hopefully for me, takeaways for early supper) option in a most unexpected place and yet again discovered that it’s just wonderful to venture outside your regular zones and find new things, and eat new food. And we also discovered that seriously, kosher food is for everyone, and is amazing! I can’t wait to head back for more takeaway rye sandwiches, and some lamb wors!




Nussbaums Deli & Retail – Glenhazel
Long Ridge Centre
Corner Long and Ridge Roads

011 440 7549

011 786 4495

Monday – Thursday 7am- 8pm
Friday 7am- 3:30pm
Sunday 8:30- 6 pm


Our thanks to Nussbaum’s Butchery (Dale, Baruch and his family) for this lovely invitation and a wonderful new spot to add to our favourites list!
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