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Good Food & Wine Show (aka The Amazing Adventures of Spending All Your Money on Food)

I was excited for this year’s Good Food & Wine Show. And rightly so. Amazing chefs were going to be in attendance. But I was tardy and missed out on the big interviews, and I didn’t care to pay thousands for Chef’s Table tickets. So I decided I’d just head on over and try not to spend all my money (this didn’t go so well). Even though famous chefs were everywhere, I spent most of my time making sure I didn’t miss any cheese.




Free wi-fi and choccies at the Nestle Kit Kat stand



I did get a chance to see Jan Hendrik in action but my overwhelming desire to sleep in meant I missed Marco Pierre White, and I didn’t quite feel like queuing for an hour for a possible chance of getting him to sign something. Sorry, fam. I am more about the food than I am about the international celeb chefs. And I’m kinda lazy too.




One of the best cakes I’ve ever seen! Loved the theme/look



But Jan Hendrik was quite a laugh and worth checking out. I could see why Suzelle tried her luck but, as we all know, he’s happily married. So while some of my peers were sweating bullets and trying angles to get into VIP or jump the queue to meet Jan Hendrik or Marco Pierre, I was mooning over Ile de France cheeses or The Italians’ canolis. I was slurping an oyster or ogling all the Balsimo Beads. I was trying to score free food in the media lounge or talking to Jacqueline from Ginifer about sexy vodka bottles. Go figure. Priorities.




The award-winning Ginifer (and Westcliff and Luvoa) stand



Innis & Gunn‘s beer truck



Jenny Morris in action



The Crazy Italians’ Cannoli



The new Cappuccino Aero



The M-Net stand was always busy!



The much talked about T-Rex Cake



One of the award-winning cakes on display



I got me some Liquid Smoke for braai time



Tasty Arab-style “sandwiches”



All-new Luvoa Vodka



And also new: Venom Moonshine



Underwhelming Oyster “sushi”



Chef Action was on-going at many different stands



#JFWRecommends: Ile de France cheeses



The winning cake



The charming and very entertaining Saffa Michelin star chef Jan Hendrik




Tickets were sponsored.

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