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Weekend Breakaway: The Finery Arts Festival at Kievits Kroon


Seriously, how hectically stressful has life been now that we’re tumbling toward the end of the year?! I know, right! So Tall Dark & Handsome and I have been itching for a break. To get away from the daily grind, even just for a short respite. So when the opportunity came around to go to The Finery Arts Festival at FairCity KievitsKroon, we literally jumped at it! So much excite! And a venue that’s close enough to home to reach quickly, without masses of petrol (that price keeps hiking, after all!).










So we handed keys to my dude-bro to take care of the doggies and we headed north! I was looking forward to food and drink, art and music, but above all, a change of scenery! And what lovely scenery it ended up being! As we turned into Kievits Kroon, and the gates opened for us, we were already impressed. Just the entrance alone was something special, with recently bloomed jacarandas lining the driveway just as you enter. Too gorgeous. We were blessed with great, sunny weather too. Soon, we found our peeps – already in prime position at a table in the shade, and close to the drinks stands!











I was most looking forward to seeing Majozi when it came to the music line-up. His hit song Darling reminds me so much of when Tall Dark & Handsome and I first started getting serious. It made me all gooey to finally hear it live. All the while, we were eating delicious food from the various stalls, and having beer and wine galore. What better time to indulge than when you’re doing a sleepover and know you won’t be driving anywhere? My favourite part of the getaway was knowing that our bed was just a short walk away from the festivities.










During a break, we decided to check-in and go see our spot. I’m an avid camper of late, actually, so I was quite impressed with the luxurious room and amenities. The best part was the fact that there was proper coffee and a plunger to make it! So I immediately insisted that we stop to have a coffee and chill first, before rejoining the ongoing party. That’s when we discovered our own little private patio with a view of one of the small dams where birds, weavers especially, were having a party of their very own. The view created such a chilled sense of relaxation. It struck me how nice it is to be in a beautiful location, surrounded by the sound of birds, and views of nature, unwinding.











We were back at our spot in the shade soon enough though, enjoying the music and the company of friends. Before the sun went down, we opted to go for a walk to check out the grounds, now that the concert was all but wrapped up. Masses of swallows looped everywhere as the sun set.  And as suggested by the name, Kievits (Lapwings) ran around all over the lawns. Before long the party started up again as dance experts taught the crowd how to salsa. As we walked everywhere, enjoying a drink, the sound of salsa music put a skip in our step.











After dinner, we wandered back to our rooms in the cool evening air, having enjoyed a really beautiful day in Africa. Clouds had formed and we made it to our room just as the first raindrops hit our heads. The early spring rains had arrived. So much class as a turndown service and delicious Beyers choccies awaited us. Stretching out on the massive king-size bed, it was the perfect end to a great day.











A leisurely sleep-in meant we had to rush to meet our friends at breakfast. Day two of the festival was setting up around us as packed up and left our lovely lodgings behind. We decided to walk around again while the festival got into full swing and that’s when we found the massive chess board and had a game. Sadly, I lost to Tall Dark & Handsome, having made some rookie errors. I hadn’t played chess in years! By now the music was pumping again and we checked out some of the amazing art that was on display around the stage. Soon enough, the weekend was all but over and we headed back home, saying farewell to the lovely location we got to enjoy for the weekend. What a pleasure. I can’t wait to go back for another weekend away, and enjoy some spa treatments too!















Our thanks to the Finery Arts Festival organisers and Fair City Kievits Kroon for the lovely invitation and the amazing stay.
The photos above are a mix of my own as well as Tall Dark & Handsome’s photos.
This post is sponsored.



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