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Dia de los Muertos at Salsa


What’s that saying? When life gives you lemons … drink tequila! As part of our annual tradition, we celebrated Day of the Dead by dressing up and going for tequila (and food, of course). Salsa always has an awesome party vibe and that’s where we found our ghoulish selves.






I had one or two goings on the same day and we were fortunate enough that our landlord (and neighbour) is super artistic. She was happy to assist with Tall Dark & Handsome’s face paint. As a result, I skidded into our home at almost 7pm and quickly threw together a bit of my own face paint (not too shabby, if I do say so myself). Luckily, dress-up was easy and we were soon on our way in an Uber (always a good idea when tequila is involved).






You can never go wrong with Salsa, especially when they’re in party mode (possibly always!). The managers and staff all get into the vibe, and dress up and get the party going by offering anyone who gets into character some tequila shots. Yes, please! The El Jimador ladies were in total Tequila mode and even with their ghoulish make-up, still managed to look sexy AF.







As is often the case, especially on weekends, Salsa was packed. There were a number of birthdays going down, and group parties being enjoyed. We managed to find a spot upstairs, which afforded a view of all the goings-on and party vibes.






I really am lucky to have my super sexy Tall Dark & Handsome by my side. Not only an adventurous diner like myself, he loves getting into party mode and always happily joins me for these crazy and fun events. I count it as one of my life blessings: a partner that is up for everything and spurs me on when I lose steam. That’s why our road trips are also so amazing!






We missed the prize-giving but the above pic is of the evening’s winners. They walked away with a stacked Old El Paso goodie bag. I was super jealous. I would make Old El Paso meals at home all the time, if I could. I eyed their goodie bag and wondered if I could snatch and run but realised they hadn’t been hitting the tequilas quite as much as I had and looked far too sprightly still. In the end, I found my chill!








Salsa ensured the party was definitely going to kick-ass. They had someone doing face painting, and a photo booth for laughs, as well as the all-important piñata to help you get rid of all your week’s pent-up aggression.








But my favourites are still the tequilas, the flavoured tequilas and kicking back with some Coronas! Someone else can bash the piñata as long as I can sit and watch, with a chilled cerveza in my hand. I even got Tall Dark & Handsome, who is not a fan of tequila at all, to enjoy some of the amazing flavoured kinds on offer.








Why else were we there?! To eat of course. Delicious vegetarian soft tacos for me, and filled-to-the-brim fully loaded quesadillas for him. And such lovely big portions that we could easily get take-home boxes for lunch the next day, which is always a win for me personally. And cheese. Oh so much cheese!









As is always the case, all good things must come to an end. We said our farewells and wandered down the road in Parkhurst, deciding a stroll would do us some good. It seemed that quite a few night-time revellers found our skull faces a bit of a surprise after likely having had a few too many. Eventually, we decided to stop scaring people and we called an Uber for home, sated and happy after another fun-filled foodie adventure!







Thank you to Salsa and Old El Paso for the invitation and awesome vibe, as always.
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