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Exploring Jozi: Burgers & Beers



There’s never been more reason to catch a flight to Johannesburg than there is at the present moment. The food scene is exploding and people are keen to try what Jozi has to offer. And rightfully so. We’ve got it all! From fine dining to pizza, burgers to sushi, craft beer bars to gin joints. It’s hard to go wrong, and you won’t be disappointed.








In an effort to “be the tourist” in Jozi, we opted to look for the best burger and beer combos currently available. The choices are varied, across the city. So we ventured back to a personal favourite, Society Eatery & Craft Bar. Here, there are three exquisite burgers on the menu (the Wagyu is the best!) and they have a great selection of craft brews on tap. Trust me. You’d tap that.








In their own words:
“Society is all about good vibes: sharing good food, good drinks and good music, with good people.

Whether sunning yourself on our outside deck, kicking off the weekend at the bar with your best friends, celebrating your birthday party or cosying up to an intimate dinner for two near the fireplace, we’ve created a space where you can relax, connect and have some fun with loved ones over cool tunes, craft draught and delicious comfort food.

At Society, we prize realness, honesty and integrity – from the ingredients in our dishes to the craft beers we support, to the way we honour freedom, individual expression and, above all, fun. Our Society is one that that builds community, fosters relationships and where everyone is welcome.”








We’d hoped for a nice sunny afternoon but headed through in the middle of one of our famous Jozi afternoon thunderstorms. It was raining cats & dogs but we would not be deterred. For burgers! For beer! And as always, we would not be disappointed.







First on the menu for the evening’s delights, my favourite, the Wagyu burger. This is served with a fantastic garlic aioli and wins hands-down in the burger stakes as far as I’m concerned. It’s the very reason I go back to Society again and again. A very close second comes the rib-eye burger. The delicious flavour of the meat is perfectly matched with a horseradish cream and tarty balsamic onions! Last, but certainly not least, and in fact my dining partner, Jeff Siepman‘s favourite, the vegetarian burger. You’d be amazed and surprised at how delicious this burger truly is. A wonderful combination of chickpeas and roasted corn, red onion and that winning garlic aioli! No wonder it’s such a hit!







No Burger & Beer excursion is complete without some classic South African craft brews, though. We always opt for local craft beers whenever that’s available (which is almost always!). So Jeff decided to try out Soweto Gold Lager for the first time and he’s a new convert! I decided to have the CBC Amber Weiss as I’m a big Weiss fan and it always goes down a treat with a carb-heavy meal.







If the Northern Suburbs aren’t your scene, there are loads of amazing burger joints to choose from scattered all over Jo’burg. And they often go hand-in-hand with a great craft beer selection. A must-visit Jozi stop is Stanley Beer Yard. Perfectly positioned in the ultra cool 44 Stanley Precinct, you get to experience an amazing artisan side of Jo’burg all in one amazing space. Local coffee producers, chocolatiers, the best cheesecake in town, and excellent burgers and beers all within meters of one another.







And no visit to Jo’burg is complete without making a turn in Greenside, where the latest in food trends are always at the forefront. If you’ve never been to Dukes, you’re missing out. Be sure to make a reservation and enjoy one of their giant burgers, with, you guessed it, some great local craft available in-house.







In the always trendy neighbourhood of Parktown, you can never go wrong with Craft. Known not only for their famous milkshakes and decadent desserts, but also their epic burgers and established craft beer options, Craft is an institution like no other.







For those who prefer their travel to include a taste of home, we even have our own Jerry’s Burger Bar in Jo’burg now, so Capetonians need not fear.








Don’t just come for the food, though. Jo’burg is home to some of the greatest craft breweries in South Africa. Make a craft beer journey of it, and taste some of Jozi’s best brews. The list is long but some stand-out examples are SMACK! Republic Brewing, Mad Giant Brewery, Two Okes, Aces Brew Worx, Copperlake Brewing Company (read more about them here), the famous Gilroy’s Brewery, and the beautiful Black Horse Brewery in Magaliesburg.








What are you waiting for?! It’s time to make Jo’burg your new “It” destination. You can find flights to Johannesburg on Travelstart. Hope you’ll join me for some of Jozi’s great tastes!




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