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Farm to Fork with Seasons Cuisine


Seasons Cuisine is a restaurant for health-conscious people with a taste for delicious, nutritious meals. Using only organic products, the restaurant serves Keto, Paleo, and Banting meals. Owner and founder, Chamilla Sanua, believes that you are what you eat and this passion inspired her to open Seasons Cuisine. Her motto is “Good food, good mood”.






Thanks to Hello Joburg Magazine, we had an opportunity to enjoy this “good food, good mood” experience. As someone who is always looking for alternatives to refined and mass produced food, I was happy to give it a whirl. We arrived early and were greeted with squeezed juices and smoothies, all freshly prepared and very refreshing on a warm summer’s evening. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner, and is open from 11:00 Tuesdays to Saturdays. All the produce used is fresh, and for the most part comes from Chamilla’s own farms.






Once everyone had arrived, Chamilla told us a little about her passion for good food, and how it leads to happy humans, and her history in the holistic field. Not only the owner of three farms, she also started the Naturally Yours and Weleda pharmacies. No small feat, then, to also open a restaurant!






Next up during the evening’s proceedings, we heard from the chef himself, Chef Bryce Grantham, about the meals we were about to enjoy. Bryce has immense experience in the chef world. Starting at Inanda Country Club, he soon arrived at the very prestigious Saxon Hotel as Chef de Partie, where he worked hard to rise through the ranks to Executive Sous Chef under Chef David Higgs. In 2015, Bryce was promoted within the Saxon Group to Executive Chef at Steyn City. Bryce is now Executive Chef at Seasons Cuisine.






And that’s when the food arrived. We enjoyed an array of starters but my favourites were definitely, without a doubt, the Super Sprout Salad, the Grilled Haloumi, the Melanzane Parmigiana (obviously I loved the eggplant dish!), and the Mushroom Ensemble. The last one tops the list: a combination of wild and button mushrooms, served with spinach, basil pesto and truffle oil, on top of a delicious healthy crostini.







For main, I decided to go with the quail dish as this intrigued me. It was described as “deboned and rolled free range quail” and served with barley risotto, smoked mushrooms and roasted root vegetables. I had my doubts about barley risotto but this single element quickly became my absolute favourite part of any meal I’ve had in a number of months. I am in love with the idea of having a “barley” risotto, which means all the flavour and great texture without the unnecessary spike in blood sugar and eventual dip of having too much refined carbohydrates. As someone who lists a good mushroom risotto as a top five favourite, this is great news. I cannot wait to enjoy it again!







Then, the best news … I would even be able to enjoy dessert without all the negative effects the sugar usually has on me. They served Gooseberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse and Poached Apple and Pear bites. The chocolate mousse was made with no added sugar and contained banana for sweetening. I loved it. I even ate a little of the cheesecake, and though it contained a little bit of raw sugar, it was almost entirely guilt free!







If you appreciate how important what we put into our body is for our emotional and physical well-being, you’ll definitely fall in love with Seasons Cuisine. I do hope you’ll check it out, and discover a new way of dining that is extremely healthy but still wonderfully flavourful and tasty. Good food does not have to mean bland food. And yes! Good food = good mood!


Find them in the Naturally Yours Integrative Wellness Centre on the corner of Main and Culross Streets in Bryanston.







Thank you to Hello Joburg Magazine and Seasons Cuisine for this lovely and eye-opening experience.
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