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Girls’ Night Out with Hint Hunt



We recently got to celebrate the return of one of our posse. An Australian friend who spent a few years in South Africa (when we first met her and got to know her), went back home for a few years, and is now back on South African soil. We were happy to welcome her back and the day after her flight landed, we got together for a fun girls’ night out!






As quiz and board game fanatics, we decided that a perfect way to spend the evening would be to go try our hand at HintHunt in Illovo, followed by dinner and drinks.







What is Hint Hunt?

“HintHunt is a universal live escape game, a worldwide famous brand that offers first-class quality Escape Games with breathtaking themed room designs.

And what is an Escape Game? Escape games are a fun, new entertainment concept that anyone can try. Participants are locked inside a themed adventure room and must work out how to escape before the time runs out.

And how does it work?  It goes like this: you arrive, you are briefed by a facilitator, then your team is locked in a room – a specially designed space – and are given 60 minutes to work out the clues that have been left for you to beat the clock and escape the room; to do this you have to work together as a team to overcome the various mental tasks – solving riddles and puzzles and unravelling mysteries.

If you are tired of doing the same things over and over again and a tad bored with your usual date nights, family outings and corporate teambuilding events, then you need to try out HintHunt.  It brings the fun and excitement of competitive games like Cluedo and 20 Questions to life in an hour of solving puzzles in a fast-paced environment that tests your skills and sharpens your wits.

Currently there are two South African branches – Cape Town’s branch, at The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, opened in October 2013 and Johannesburg’s, situated at the Thrupps Centre in Illovo, opened in April 2016.”






So it was with great enthusiasm that we set out for Illovo. Turns out just finding the exact location of the Hint Hunt entrance in the Thrupps Centre is quite challenging! But find it, we did (cause major smarts, that’s why). We were warmly greeted by Lebo at the venue, and she explained to us how the game would work. We were excited to get locked up and were entirely certain of our victory. However, we soon found out that the odds were against us, with the existing success rate for the room being only about half. “Noooo problem”, we figured!



CT Public 17



As we got locked inside, we frantically set about searching every nook and cranny for clues and answers. It soon became apparent to us that though we rated ourselves highly, this was no easy feat! Luckily, we had Lebo on the outside feeding us tiny obscure clues via a television screen in the room. An hour suddenly seemed like nowhere near enough time!



CT - Public 1

CT - Public 5



In what turned into an absolute white-knuckle nail-biter finish, we got the doors open with only 36 seconds left on the clock! Quite a challenge, but such a blast!



illovo 9 (2)



I’ve used mostly their promo photos as we weren’t allowed to take any of our own pictures, which may inadvertently give away clues and answers!






Afterward, we did what any champions do, and went for pizza and beer at 86Public Illovo. It was my first time visiting the Illovo branch and the pizzas were brilliant. My pizza, number 7, was hands-down the best, if I do say so myself. Fresh cherry tomatoes, olives, anchovies, capers, loads of garlic and fresh basil leaves, it was moreish! I did have some serious food envy when my vegetarian friend’s melanzane arrived (I go crazy for eggplant). It was an impressive portion and looked delicious.







We are already planning our return trip to go try our hand at the second, and apparently even harder, room! Can’t wait to go back. A great way to spend an evening with a good group of friends. We give this a good thumb’s up and can definitely recommend it.










My thanks to Hint Hunt and 86 Public Illovo for hosting us for this fun and adventurous evening.

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