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Exciting New Vegetarian & Vegan Menu at Roxanne’s Rum Eatery


We *love* Roxanne’s Rum Eatery and have already been there a slew of times for birthdays alone. Yes, it seems that hot sexy neon glow makes for excellent birthday lighting.



Roxanne's Rum Eatery - Cocktails



When I heard the news that Roxanne’s is now doing a Meat Free Monday menu, as well as some permanent vegetarian and vegan items on the regular menu, I was intrigued. Though I am not vegetarian or vegan (I could never give up cheese), I do consider myself somewhat of a Flexitarian (yes, that new buzz word!).



What does Flexitarian even mean?? Well, the team at Roxanne’s explains it well.



“They call it Flexitarianism, the act of shifting from a meat-heavy diet to adopting a plant-based lifestyle and occasionally having meat as and when the desire arrives. And if anyone knows about desire, it’s Roxanne!”



Roxanne's Rum Eatery - Cocktails



For me, maintaining a healthy weight and feeling more in charge of what goes into my body often means eating less red meat. Yes, we absolutely LOVE our braai and I will probably never be able to convert Tall Dark & Handsome to regular meat free dinners but that one braai a week is more than enough wonderful steak for me. I try to eat less meat as often as I can.



Roxanne's Rum Eatery - Cocktails



That’s why I was happy to be invited to come and try the new menu options at Roxanne’s. I have previously featured them (see that article here) and ordered steak as my main on that particular visit, so how apt that for this this feature, I had an entirely vegan meal from start to finish, even ending with vegan dessert and vegan coffee! I was sorely tempted by the vegetarian haloumi pita but it seemed a good idea to go whole hog (so to speak) with the vegan menu. My partner in crime for this restaurant outing is a vegetarian friend. Who better to review a veg menu than a full-time vegetarian who often struggles to find suitable menu options when dining out.



Roxanne's Rum Eatery - Vegan Tacos



She was definitely happy to see the wide selection on offer, and actually mentioned how most restaurants who dabble in vegetarian options usually only have a single (often bland) vegetarian burger on the menu.



“Pioneering Johannesburg’ s flexi-eating culture, Roxanne offers creative, and delicious, vegan menu items for any occasion.”



Roxanne's Rum Eatery - Vegan Tacos



We decided the best way to kick off our lunch date would be to sip on some cocktails. It was actually quite cool that my friend asked for the Dita von Teese straight away with hardly any hesitation, as I consider it the sexiest cocktail on the menu. So I decided to order something different, and our waitress Zoey suggested I try the Mary Welsh Hemingway, a fun mix of rum, cane, and grapefruit, lime & maraschino cherry juices. I had to Google this famous Hemingway as I didn’t know who she was!



Roxanne's Rum Eatery - Vegan Mexican Buddha Bowl



Finally, we got right to the “meat” of the situation and ordered mains. As mentioned, I was awfully close to ordering the haloumi pita but finally decided on the Vegan Tacos. My friend had been eyeing the Buddha Bowls and decided to order the Vegan Mexican Bowl. Believe me when I say that you would be amazed that you were eating an entirely vegan main meal if you ordered either of these two items. My tacos were bursting with flavour and left me feeling extremely full and satisfied. I think I might even convince Tall Dark & Handsome, the carnivore that he is! Beautiful presentation and lots of colour make the delicious dishes eye-catching and appealing too.



Roxanne's Rum Eatery - Vegan Mexican Buddha Bowl



But that’s not all! Vegan dessert was next on the cards and for the first time in quite a while, I actually went along with having dessert. We shared what they call the Guilt Free Vegan Cheese Cake. Truthfully, the cheese cake seems so-called mostly because of its appearance, and not because it tastes particularly cheese cakey but despite that, it was very delectable. Rich and nutty in flavour, the vegan cheese cake itself feels like a healthy meal option! I would love to enjoy that again with another cup of vegan cappuccino (made with almond milk). Guys, we literally had vegan everything! Even our coffees.



Roxanne's Rum Eatery - Vegan Cheese Cake



Perhaps you’re on the fence about eating less meat or maybe you’re looking for options and alternatives to be able to live a healthier lifestyle. Maybe you’d like to have less of an environmental impact, without completely giving up any particular thing. I would highly recommend you try #RoxMeatFreeMonday or check out the vegetarian and vegan options available on the menu every day of the week! You won’t regret trying something new and feeling good in the process.



Roxanne's Rum Eatery - Vegan Cappuccinos



And if you’re already converted and living that veg/vegan lifestyle, then here you have a great (and extremely fun) dining option that’ll keep your whole group of friends entirely satisfied, even that meat-loving mate.



Roxanne's Rum Eatery - Vegan Cheese Cake



Extra bonus! Roxanne’s has given up single-use straws, and offer only 100% biodegradable, compostable straws. Helping the environment every step of the way. Well done! We recommend you give flexitarianism a try today, or Monday!



Roxanne's Rum Eatery - #StopSucking



See the Meat Free Monday Menu here or check out the new and improved regular menu (including vegan choices) here.





Our thanks to Roxanne’s Rum Eatery for the invitation to try the new vegetarian and vegan menu delights.


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