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#ChicksLoveBeer: Fraser’s Folly Wild Raspberry


We’re back with our #ChicksLoveBeer feature. And we start with a colourful, flavourful sour from Fraser’s Folly, called Raspberry Wild.







A 5% ABV, 440ml barrel-aged sour beer. Lambic style





My first impression on this beer was just one big “wow”. At first, it was just far too easy-drinking, and I lost nearly all the bottle in the space of seconds. The predominant vibe for me is a fresh, candy-sour flavour. The fruit aroma comes in quite nicely through your sinuses, once you take a nice big mouthful. Halfway through the beer, the top of my palate was getting helluva tickled, and the sweetness became overpowering. However by the end of the bottle, it was all over too quickly and I still wish I had some more.



I think if I were making a day of it, I would alternate between this one and an ├╝ber dry, maybe light beer. Despite the levels of sweetness, I continue to feel a hankering for more. All in all, you’ll kick yourself if you miss out trying this one before you can’t find it anymore.



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