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Canon Camera Review: Power Shot SX70

A Canon for the Beginner in the SX70



When it comes to cameras, Canon know their business. Not surprising that they are the top selling camera producer worldwide. There is literally a Canon out there for everyone. We recently checked out the Power Shot SX70, and found it to be an impressive camera to kick off your photography journey.



Canon Camera Review: Power Shot SX70




Nowhere near as hefty as a DSLR, and yet sturdy enough to give you confidence. Though I love the small mirrorless M50 (my favourite), I sure do worry about its daintiness and whether it will withstand our camping trips. None of that occurs to me when handling the SX70. Even with the lens at full zoom, I still don’t worry about the camera. The build quality is great. The size is fantastic and is positioned nicely in the middle of the spectrum for everyone, from small & dainty to large hands. The buttons, dials and their locations make perfect sense and everything just flows. It may be a biased opinion, coming from someone who has used the SX50 for a number of years now.



Canon Camera Review: Power Shot SX70




The biggest plus on this camera, by a mile, has to be the super zoom function. With a 65x optical zoom, you get the kind of shots for which you’d need massive DSLR lenses. This is an epic win for an amazing price. The drawback is that you need it to be brighter than the sun but if you’re into birds and wildlife, you’re definitely winning. However, at that beautiful full zoom, you have some serious camera shake and getting a crystal clear shot is near impossible without a tripod. Just a tiny bit back from full zoom, and you’re already in far steadier territory. For this feature alone, and if you’ve been vacillating about a camera and which way to go, I can definitely recommend the SX70.



Canon Camera Review: Power Shot SX70

Canon Camera Review: Power Shot SX70




Head on over to Takealot right now (October 2019), and you’ll find the SX70 for R7.5k (give or take). That is a magnificent price for a really great start in photography. If you’re new to the scene, or your special person (kid, partner, family, friend) is heading in that direction, this is a great way to make photography dreams start coming true while one learns how to use a camera, and what all the “aperture priority” and “bokeh” and “f-stop” things actually mean.



Canon Camera Review: Power Shot SX70




For me, the SX70 does not compete with the M50 (mirrorless) when it comes to image quality. There isn’t that built-in vibrancy, and near-perfect sharpness that I’ve discovered. That being said, until you can appreciate all the aspects a more advanced camera can give you, there is no point having it in your hands. You’ll still get great shots with the SX70 and, depending on what you’re aiming to do with the actual pics, have a satisfactory outcome. Remember, more than likely even the best camera shots still get touched up in Lightroom or Photoshop somewhere along the way to social media publication. And I repeat, the SX70 is a great “learning-curve” camera. It will help you get the shots and also allow you to eventually start learning and fiddling with the other functions, until you can get to grips with additional features and more advanced cameras.



Canon Camera Review: Power Shot SX70




Though the SX70 comes with 4k video recording, I believe it is more suited to photography than videography. Therefore, my recommendation is to buy this if photography is your main focus. The videography features are there but just not as great as it could be, in my opinion. It doesn’t tick the boxes for a vlogger, as far as I’m concerned. It’s well suited to “I’ve never touched a camera in my life” beginners as well as people who have used digital point-and-shoots, and phones, and reckon they can look at upping their game a fair amount.



Canon Camera Review: Power Shot SX70




The SX70 comes in at a beautiful price point and will give you even more than you bargained for in terms of options and features and ability. It’s a well-built camera and everything about it speaks to the beginner. It makes sense and you can easily figure out features while just messing around, without even having to watch a tutorial or read up on it. It’s great in size and weight, and is an easy travel companion you can always keep close at hand. Where it disappoints is that there is no touch screen, meaning it’s a little dated already. Another hurdle is that the ambient light needs to be at max, especially when you’re at full zoom. Eventually, if you get really into photography and grow and learn, you will have to upgrade. But you’ll be surprised that even when you do, you’ll still be reaching for your Power Shot.



Canon Camera Review: Power Shot SX70



Many  thanks to Canon South Africa for the loan of the Canon PowerShot SX70.


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