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For the last few years, I’ve known an ending was coming, but it required a fair amount of ‘world changing’ for me to make the final leap. Though I’ll still be around on social media platforms as JFW, our focus has finally shifted to things more tangible. Battling time and juggling various side hustles plus a full-time day job (yes, I’m back at work full time from mid-September), has meant that the JFW blog fell by the way side, and I didn’t feel committed enough anymore to keep pushing myself to update here.


And it started feeling a little silly being the Jozi Food Whore and blogging about travel. All my attention and focus has moved to this long-existing but previously unfocused passion. And with COVID-19 changing and reshaping our world, I don’t see myself lounging in restaurants for some time to come.


So, we’re still here, there, and everywhere, but we’re coming at you in sharp focus in our new directions, nurtured and grown for a while, but also at the same time only just beginning.


You can find me, Lara, your favourite food and cheese whore, at Overland Planner.

My Tall Dark & Handsome is becoming quite established on his channel on YouTube and we hope you’ll follow our adventures there, at Travel Gigolo.


Thanks for all the cheese, peeps. I been loving you and leaving you.


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