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On Holiday with Canon

  When I first entered the foodie scene (thank you, Zomato), I was taking badly lit food photos with my Samsung S2. It was just when all these things began, and most people were doing the same, even though none of our smartphone cameras were up to the task. Every […]

New Year, Same Me

  Recently, while trying to chill out from a particularly stressful work day, I was just talking talking talking to Tall Dark & Handsome aka Travel Gigolo.¬† A stream of consciousness. My way of unwinding, I guess. He listened patiently. I spoke mostly about our recent trip, and how we […]

Pigalle: Where Elegance and Style Never Go Out of Fashion

  Food trends! It seems that everything lately is about what’s trending today. Though it’s amazing to have innovation in food and to experience new things, trends that pop up one day and disappear the next are fleeting! And that’s why, sometimes, even though you tried that funky buddha bowl […]