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Restaurant Review: Lunch at Clico Restaurant

Clico has always been a favourite destination since I first set foot there a number of years ago. It’s beautiful, lush, luxurious, and it has one of the best restaurants in Johannesburg, Clico Restaurant. During a recent stay at Clico Boutique Hotel, we had the added privilege of also enjoying […]

Offal in Love with Coobs

If you haven’t heard of Coobs, then you are missing out. On the forefront of the new food trends of Sustainability, Provenance, and Seasonality, places like Coobs are where you want to be dining, especially if you care about seriously good, quality food and what goes into your body. Which […]

Asanka: Contemporary European with an African Twist

A recent excursion to Asanka in Rivonia opened my eyes to all that’s happening in the Northern Suburbs. The great decor is striking, and this restaurant is all STYLE, from the look to the plating. Very swank indeed. Mainly Contemporary European cuisine influenced heavily by North and West African flavours. […]