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A Life of Isolation

In Pursuit Of… Thoughts from a loner type   If I’m being honest, I’m in full blown panic mode. Today is better, but in recent weeks, I’ve experienced a growing internal hum that has made functioning and adulting difficult. Still. Today is better.   I am in no way saying […]

New Year, Same Me

  Recently, while trying to chill out from a particularly stressful work day, I was just talking talking talking to Tall Dark & Handsome aka Travel Gigolo.  A stream of consciousness. My way of unwinding, I guess. He listened patiently. I spoke mostly about our recent trip, and how we […]

A Whore By Any Other Name …

  The origin story of the name Jozi Food Whore is a short one! Since I’ve been asked countless times, I thought I’d post on it.   As someone who values food, coming from a less-than-privileged background, I have never been a fan of wastage. When I started a social […]

The Rat Race and Why Adulting Sucks

  You might recall from an older blog piece on an epic road trip through Namibia how I came back totally shook, not having realised how much I needed a holiday until I was back from the holiday and had to return to work mode.         But […]

That’s a Wrap!

Thanks so much for tuning in this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. It would seem the highlights of my year are bathed in rose tint and pink. How apt! How has your 2017 been? What’s been your “best of…”? I can’t even begin to […]