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New Year, Same Me

  Recently, while trying to chill out from a particularly stressful work day, I was just talking talking talking to Tall Dark & Handsome aka Travel Gigolo.  A stream of consciousness. My way of unwinding, I guess. He listened patiently. I spoke mostly about our recent trip, and how we […]

How Zomato transformed me into an Urban Angel

  People often ask me “Why Food Whore though?” and it’s funny. It’s not a nickname anyone would give themselves, you would think. You’d not be 100% correct. Partly, it’s pretty much what my friends would call me when I took all their leftover food or when they wouldn’t eat […]

And then there was Cube

I’ve been very privileged indeed, in my life, to experience some of Gauteng’s best restaurants, and usually under very fortunate conditions. These places are almost always entirely out of my own personal budget. And so it was with absolute shock and amazement that I accepted an invitation from a friend, […]