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Dining at Doppio – Review of their New Bryanston Restaurant

  Breakfast, brunch, lunch AND dinner! All together now: “brilliant”. Dining at the new Hobart Grove Doppio Zero is the very definition of “staatmaker”, and I’ve said that exact thing before about Doppio Zero. All the way back to when their deep-fried macaroni & cheese squares totally blew my socks […]

Luxury in the Heart of Johannesburg at Clico Boutique Hotel

  I don’t know why this is the case, but February has been the endless month for me. The way people talk about #Januworry just going on forever – I’m having that exact same experience with February. And truthfully, the chance to enjoy a luxury staycation in our very own […]

New Year, Same Me

  Recently, while trying to chill out from a particularly stressful work day, I was just talking talking talking to Tall Dark & Handsome aka Travel Gigolo.¬† A stream of consciousness. My way of unwinding, I guess. He listened patiently. I spoke mostly about our recent trip, and how we […]

A Road-Tripper’s Delight at The Midlands Kitchen

  In my words…     There are few things Travel Gigolo and I love as much as road-tripping through this beautiful country! And without boasting too much, I think we’re getting to be pretty expert at it. I do have just one bugbear about road-tripping. The food that’s generally […]